Why Is Gigi Hadid Arrested? This Is What Actually Occurred

Unraveling the Truth: The Real Events Surrounding The Arrest Of Gigi Hadid

Gigi Hadid
Gigi Hadid

According to reports, Gigi Hadid and a companion were both detained for marijuana possession and later released on bail. The Cayman Islands are where the incident happened.

Gigi Hadid, a reality television personality and supermodel, and a companion called Leah Nicole McCarthy were both taken into custody in the Cayman Islands on July 10, 2023.

The authorities who searched her luggage at the Owen Roberts International Airport detained the two for allegedly possessing marijuana. After being detained at the Prisoner Detention Centre, Gigi and Leah were later freed on bond.

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Here’s exactly what happened in Cayman Islands:

On July 10, Leah and Gigi Hadid flew in a private aircraft and touched down at the Owen Roberts International Airport General Aviation Terminal. A Customs and Border Control Officer checked and processed their bags in accordance with the regulations.

Authorities accused the two pals of bringing marijuana into their nation after discovering several items that may be used for cannabis usage. Thus, Gigi and Lead were put under custody.

Gigi and Leah were brought before the Summary Court on July 12, 2023, and during the proceeding, they entered guilty pleas. They received a $1,000 fine and were released.

Is cannabis illegal in the Cayman Islands?

Since 2017, cannabis has been legal to use in the Cayman Islands with a doctor’s prescription for a variety of medical conditions, including multiple sclerosis, diabetes, chemotherapy-induced nausea, and pain management.

Canines with epilepsy, cancer, or arthritis are also given cannabis prescriptions. Cannabis use for recreational purposes is illegal in the Cayman Islands. Additionally, neither entering nor leaving the Cayman Islands with cannabis is permitted.

Gigi Hadid (FAQs)

 Does Gigi Hadid use marijuana?

A marijuana pendant was once seen on Gigi Hadid, raising the possibility that she had used marijuana at some point. The model had also been present at a Beverly Hills jewellery launch party in 2016. But she has never been seen smoking marijuana.

What number of kids does Gigi Hadid have?

 Gigi Hadid only has one child, Khai, who was born on September 19, 2020, as of July 2023. Khai’s father is Zayn Malik, a former member of One Direction who was Gigi’s then-boyfriend.

Who is the husband of Gigi Hadid?

 According to a source who spoke to Entertainment Tonight, “Gigi and Zayn are thrilled to be having their first child together! Due to the fact that she is just a few months pregnant, Gigi has kept the secret from her family and friends for a time.

How much of a success is Gigi Hadid?

 She has been on 35 worldwide Vogue magazine covers in the last four years. Hadid is one of the “New Supers” according to Models.com.Hadid has earned $20 million since 2017, making her one of the most paid models in the world.

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